Litigation and Appeals

Hartzog Law Group has extensive experience litigating cases in both state and federal court. We pride ourselves on handling cases in an effective, but cost-efficient, manner. We maintain an aggressive motion practice, and seek to obtain dismissals at the earliest possible opportunity, but are fully prepared to take your case to trial when necessary. Our attorneys have also represented clients at the North Carolina Court of Appeals, North Carolina Supreme Court, Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals, and U.S. Supreme Court.

Defending Administrative Charges


Hartzog Law Group has extensive experience representing employers with regard to EEOC Charges filed by current or former employees. Hartzog Law Group regularly provides employers with advice and representation regarding the mediation and investigation processes utilized by the EEOC. We have broad experience with drafting and submitting position statements, responding to requests for information, and representing employers during onsite investigations and fact-finding conferences. Finally, we can defend your organization through the conciliation process in the event that the EEOC has issued a cause determination.

US and NC Departments of Labor

Hartzog Law Group defends claims made by current and former employees at the US and NC Departments of Labor including claims of improper or unpaid wages and REDA claims. We can represent your organization through the investigation phase, including the submission of a position statement, response to any requests for information, onsite inspections, and conciliation.

Fair Housing Matters

Hartzog Law Group regularly defends fair housing and discrimination claims brought against landlords, property management companies, municipal housing authorities and homeowner’s associations. These claims may include claims of discrimination based on familial status, disability, race, color, religion, sex, national origin, as well as claims of retaliation. We have defended claims brought by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, as well as state and local fair housing agencies and have defended entities through the complaint, investigation, conciliation and litigation processes.

Office of Administrative Hearings

Hartzog Law Group has experience defending charges of employment retaliation and discrimination brought at the Office of Administrative Hearings (OAH) by current and former employees and applicants subject to the North Carolina Human Resources Act. We can provide representation to your organization through the investigation, mediation, hearing and appeal processes.

Employment Related Services

Flat Fee Termination Advice

Have an employee you are considering terminating but wary of pulling the trigger? We offer flat fee termination advice so that you know your rights and responsibilities, and potential liability, before taking action with potential adverse consequences. We can also help with drafting a severance agreement or employment release.

Managing employee leave and accommodation requests

Have an employee who is often absent or late due to medical reasons, or who may need an accommodation? We can advise you regarding your obligations under state and federal law and help you avoid costly administrative charges and litigation.


Have an employee who has complained about their working conditions, including harassment or discrimination? We can help you investigate the matter or provide you with advice to rectify the situation and help you avoid liability.

Training for Management and Employees

Are you concerned that you are not protected from liability because your managers and supervisors are not aware of their duties and responsibilities under State and Federal law? We offer training for human resources representatives, management level employees, and supervisors regarding workplace issues and best practices and we can tailor training to fit your needs as an employer.

Review of Personnel Policies

Are you considering updating or implementing new policies and procedures but aren’t sure if they comply with current law? We regularly review and draft personnel policies and can provide you with advice on updating and implementing your own policies.